Born in San Antonio, Texas and raised in Monterrey México. Emmanuel Valtierra studied Graphic Design in the University of Nuevo Leon (UANL) and Photography in San Antonio College. After some time, he adopted the aztec codex style for some of his works bringing him attention from the public. Releasing first a series of pop culture images, playing cards, and finally the book "Codex Valtierra". The book had a Kickstarter campaign and won praise at the WorldCon 2018 in San Jose California.
The love Valtierra has for history has influenced him on all his projects. The goal is to keep teaching new generations about our past in a fun way in every media possible. In the future, Valtierra is planning to release more books, direct more videos, and work on more games for his public and followers.


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Codex Valtierra


Codex Valtierra is an Illustraded book that recounts the events of the war that the Aztects had against the Spaniards. Now image a world where the Aztecs had defeated the Spaniards. How would our world be different? click here to buy
Playing Cards


Demonologie, Angelologie, and Mascherata playing cards. Printed on LPPC and NPCC. Get them all while they last! click here to buy
Codex Valtierra


Receive 3 beautiful decks. Aztec Codex, Egyptian Glyphs, and Greek Pottery. Printed on MPC. Be ready for a Poker match! click here to buy
Codex Valtierra


2 Books in one. Written by Carolina Storyteller and Illustrated by Emmanuel Valtierra. Perfect for kids between 5 and 12 click here to buy
Codex Valtierra


Luchadores playing cards and the Aztec Loteria (Mexican bingo). A hard to pass duo. These two are part of my Mexican collection along with the Aztec and Mayan cards. click here to buy
Codex Valtierra


Get the beautiful set of two of "El Dorado" Playing cards based on Mayan culture. Printed on MPC. click here to buy


MexAmeriCon IS BACK

Mexamericon, the Mexican Comic-con from Austin is back. Due to the pandemic, all the events will be online. Everything will happen this upcoming December 12. There will be many mexican and mexican-american guests, including myself. Please visit their website to find their panels, guests, and schedule.

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During these times there's nothing better than staying home with the family. Nothing like a board game to keep everyone entertained at home. Obsidian and feathers will be a game like no other. 3-4 players will have an epic adventure on a round board in which they have to go under to collect bones and build a "tzompantli". Follow me on instagram to see the most recent images and news about it.

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Codex Valtierra

telemundo #1

Vídeo oficial de Noticias Telemundo. Emmanuel Valtierra es un diseñador que combina el arte precolombino con la cultura pop, uniendo personajes de series famosas con códices mexicas y representaciones aztecas. click here to see more
Codex Valtierra


This Artist's Aztec-Style Illustrations of 'Game of Thrones' & 'Avengers' Are Amazing click here to see more
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