Born in San Antonio, Texas and raised in Monterrey México. Emmanuel Valtierra studied Graphic Design in the University of Nuevo Leon (UANL) and Photography in San Antonio College. After some time, he adopted the aztec codex style for some of his works bringing him attention from the public. Releasing first a series of pop culture images, playing cards, and finally the book "Codex Valtierra". The book had a Kickstarter campaign and won praise at the WorldCon 2018 in San Jose California.
The love Valtierra has for history has influenced him on all his projects. The goal is to keep teaching new generations about our past in a fun way in every media possible. In the future, Valtierra is planning to release more books, direct more videos, and work on more games for his public and followers.


Codex Valtierra

Codex Valtierra $42

Codex Valtierra is an Illustraded book that recounts the events of the war that the Aztects had against the Spaniards. Now image a world where the Aztecs had defeated the Spaniards. How would our world be different?

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Playing Cards

Aztec & Egyptian playing cards $20

My first two decks on Kickstarter. Inspired by the ancient Aztec art and the beautiful Egyptian glyphs.

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Demonologie & Angelologie Playing Cards $26

Demonologie and Angelologie are the newest decks by Emmanuel Valtierra Illustrator inspired by old books and manuscripts from decades ago and its illustrations.

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MASCHERATA is the new deck by Emmanuel Valtierra Illustrator (EVIL) which is inspired by old illustrations of masks and modern renaissance style disguises. This is also the third installment after ANGELOLOGIE and DEMONOLOGIE that uses this colored-handmade-engraved type of art. One last deck is remaining in this series set to be launched in a future Kickstarter campaign.